Oregon State Women’s Basketball Camps offers scholarships for those athletes who are interested in attending camp but may not have the financial support to do so. Scholarships are available on a first-come first-served basis. To qualify for scholarships athletes must be entering K-8th grade (high school students are not eligible for scholarships) and must complete the following:

1) Join GenerationBeavs
GenerationsBeavs is the official Oregon State Athletics club for kids 12 and under. Once you become a member of GenBeavs you become eligible for free bennyfits. These bennyfits include free admission to sporting events, discounts for mom and dad, and lots of information on activities surrounding Oregon State Athletics. To sign up go to the GenBeavs website, fill out the printable form, and mail it in! http://www.osubeavers.com/ot/gen-beavs-home.html


2) Submit A Letter of Reference
This letter must be written by a non-family member (coach, teacher, mentor, etc.) who is involved in the athlete’s life and knows their need for a scholarship. The letter of reference should include a description of your connection to the athlete you are recommending for the scholarship, a brief summary of the financial need for the athlete, and details on why this athlete should be awarded scholarship money. Please submit this letter to Olivia Murphy at olivia.murphy@oregonstate.edu or mail it to our office:

Olivia Murphy
Oregon State WBB Hoop Camp
2727 Ralph Miller Lane
Corvallis, OR 97331

3) Write A Thank You Card
Upon the completion of camp, our staff will provide a card for the athlete to write a thank you message to the donors of the scholarship. Our staff will then ensure that the thank you note is delivered.


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