Dates: June 24-27, 2019

Registration Deadline:
 June 10th

Pricing Information:

$800 deposit to secure your spot
$325/player + $225/assistant coach


$800 deposit* 

*$800 deposit goes towards total amount due

Must receive full payment for your team June 20th

Suggested 8 player minimum

Join the Beavers for 4 days of team development, competition, and FUN! This camp will challenge your players to improve their individual skills and grow as a team. OSU women’s basketball head coach, Scott Rueck, and his staff will oversee all aspects of the camp, emphasizing individual instruction plus offensive and defensive concepts to utilize both in game situations.


Final registration deadline is JUNE 10th. We highly encourage online registration.  At this time you will need to submit your final/full payment for camp. You will also need to submit your completed team roster, rooming list, and a signed copy of a medical waiver (one per athlete). It is imperative that each camper fill out the medical waiver form in order for us to allow participation. 

Registration Options:

Register online only - see instructions below. 

 To make the registration process flow as easily as possible we ask that you take the time to follow the steps provided. In addition, for teams paying by check, we ask that you provide one payment method for your full team registration. Your payment is non-refundable. Please utilize the “Required Forms” section to complete this process.

 To register ONLINE: 

  1. Electronically register your team via ACTIVE
  2. Within 2 days of registering, you will receive an e-mail from Kendall Knotz, with the Rooming List, Roster, and Medial Wavier sheets
  3. Print & obtain a signed medical waiver from each participating player’s parent/guardian
  4. Electronically save all forms & email all forms back to:
    • All forms include: roster, rooming list, and ALL medical waivers 
    • Must scan & save medical waivers to then email (one large medical waiver file containing all waivers is acceptable)
  5. Make full registration payment online
  6. Note: Your deposit of $800 is due upfront. You will be able to log back into your account to complete your team registration payment by your deadline.


Check-in will take place TBD. At the time of registration, you will be given your coaches packet, schedule, and t-shirts. You will then be sent to the dorms where you and your athletes can check into your rooms. More detailed information regarding registration will be provided to participating teams on TBD.


Payment & Refunds:

Make payments online or via mail.


We will not accept any personal checks from players. Refunds of team deposits due to cancellation will only be made if the cancellation is made 14 days in advance of the camp starting date (TBD). Refunds for individuals will be negotiated on an individual basis depending on circumstances.


Insurance & Medical Care:

Each camper must be covered by their parent’s insurance before participating in any of the camp activities. This form must be signed and received by our camp staff before any member of your team can participate in any camp activities. Once all of your athletes have filled out the insurance form please mail to:



Oregon State Women’s Basketball

Team Camp
2727 Ralph Miller Lane
Corvallis, OR 97331


Who Can Register?

  • High School Girls Basketball Teams
  • Freshman, JV, and Varsity Teams


Team Camp Features:

  • The Oregon State Women’s Basketball Staff creates an environment where the focus is on team development and team bonding.
  • A highly competitive environment with leagues divided up according to level of play.
  • A variety of game situations, scrimmages, full-length games, team practices, and individual competitions.
  • A t-shirt for each athlete and coach.
  • Coaches Social where we provide the food and drinks and you enjoy the company.
  • Officials provided for all games.
  • Training room and trainers in operation at all facilities at all times during camp.


Cost For Residential Campers Includes:

  • Housing for 3 nights
  • Daily Meals
    • DAY ONE - dinner only
    • DAY TWO - breakfast, lunch, & dinner
    • DAY THREE - breakfast, lunch, & dinner
    • DAY FOUR - breakfast & lunch

 Cost For Non-Residential Campers Includes:

  • Camp activities + Lunch and dinner each day 

What To Bring:

  • Matching uniform tops with #’s on back
  • Basketball/Athletic Clothes
  • Indoor & Outdoor Shoes
  • Bedding
  • Water Bottle
  • Bathing Suite
  • Spending Money for Camp Store and other activities
  • School Spirit Clothes
  • Tape & Pre-wrap for your team 

**a more comprehensive packing list will be provided closer to camp

 Accommodations & Facilities:

Oregon State has great facilities for a team camp. We have 13 full courts for games - all with wood floors and glass back boards. Also on campus, at Dixon Recreation Center, is a state of the art indoor climbing center and indoor pool if your team would like to use during free time. Our dorms are 1st class and our campus is beautiful.

Team Camp